Elisabeth and René Ammann

Vivarium "the monitor"

Obermettli 27d, CH-3638 Pohlern Tel. ++41 33 356 32 20 Fax ++41 33 356 32 50

Pohlern is a small little village on a plateau over the lake of Thun, at the foot of the

Berner Oberland alps, about a half hour from Bern, Switzerland. Some of the people are farmers, some are working in Bern or Thun.

It's a great place for hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, delta flying, biking and ride a motorbike.

Elisabeth is secretary in a engineering works. I am project manager at SWISSCOM.

Here hobbies are the monitors, cook (her home-made ice cubes melt in one's mouth), mice breed, skiing and telephone.

Mine are Alphorn playing, Harley driving, skiing, cook and of course the Vivarium with our 40 gluttons.